Menstruation, Menstrual Problems and Irregular Menstruation

What is Menstruation?

It is a natural process of female. Its also a natural part of female reproductive system. Ovary, Ovarian Tube which comes from Ovary (Fallopian Tube), Vagina, endometrium and clitoris are the main part of female genital tract. During the menstrual cycle different kinds of female hormone are released. In this hormone there are estrogen and progesterone, which is essential for preparation of uterus for conception of fetus. They are also responsible for maintenance of conception. Normally, 28 days cycle maintains. Means Ovary secretes one ovum in every 28 days, which enters into the endometrium through Fallopian tube. If she does not concept, unfertilized ovum and part of uterus (endometrium) together shed out from the body. This shedding out of ovum with necrosed tissue with little blood is called menstruation.

Fig: Female Genital Tract

gIQSn Menstruation, Menstrual Problems and Irregular Menstruation

 When Menstruation Starts and When ends.

  • Female starts their first menstruation generally from 10 to 16 years of age
  • Sometimes in some female menstruation starts from 9 years or in some individuals from more than 16 years
  • Most of the female starts their first menstruation from 12 years
  • There is a certain time, when menstruation stops, it is called Menopause. When menopause time came, Menstruation stops automatically. Generally Normal Menopause time is 50 years (Consider Bangladesh)

Fig: Menstrual Cycle

EVWBV Menstruation, Menstrual Problems and Irregular Menstruation


How you know that there is a problem with your menstruation?

There are some certain signs and symptoms that you have problem with your menstruation. They are

  1. Late start of Menstruation
  2. The age is 13, but still menstruation does not start
  3. Female breast not develop

Fig: Under developed female breast

DVjEK Menstruation, Menstrual Problems and Irregular Menstruation

  1. Other Changes in the body does not come
  2. If the Age is 14 but still Menstruation does not came, moreover below problems arise
    1. Unusual (Changed) Clitoris
    2. If more hair growth on Cheek, Lips on chest, around the nipple and and low abdomen

    OxVsC Menstruation, Menstrual Problems and Irregular Menstruation

    1. Even Age is 16 but still the female does not experience menstruation


Sign and Symptoms of Irregular menstruation:

  1. If you change your cloth or sanitary napkin in every two or three hourly
  2. Menstruation is regular before, but if you find it irregular now
  3. Very early menstruation like in 21 days or very late menstruation like 45 days
  4. If menstruation persists more than 7 days


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